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What is a COI?

Wheather you’re new to selling on Amazon or you’ve been at it for years, you’ve probably heard of the requirement to upload your COI to Amazon. At this point, it’s pretty clear that what you need is Amazon Sellers Insurance.


Amazon requires its sellers to carry insurance and provide a certificate as proof of their insurance. In 2021, Amazon started requiring sellers to provide proof of liability insurance for the products sold on the platform. Sellers are expected to provide this information within 30 days of receiving the email from Amazon. This proof of liability insurance is your Certificate Of Insurance (COI).

What is a Certificate of Insurance?

A Certificate of Insurance is an insurer’s physical or electronic document to indicate that you have business insurance. It is also known as a Certificate of Liability Insurance or proof of insurance. In the case of selling online, the AWS Certificate Of Insurance assures Amazon (or other marketplaces) that sellers have the right insurance in place before they start selling.


In essence, a certificate of insurance determines the existence of an insurance policy and outlines its key aspects and terms and conditions, etc. In the absence of an Amazon COI, Amazon may find it difficult to pass on the responsibility of claims onto the sellers themsleves. In essence, the COI is proof that Amazon is protected as well as the sellers. 


Insurance is particularly important in eCommerce, where there’s a risk of liability and considerable losses. Purchase of insurance is usually accompanied by the issuance of a certificate.

What does a Certificate of Insurance include?

The policyholder on the certificate of insurance is the ‘insured.’ Besides, it includes other details such as:


  • Mailing address
  • Contact information of the insurance company
  • Type of Policy
  • Coverage limits
  • Policy effective dates
  • Additional insured on professional liability

After raising the request for an Amazon Certificate of Insurance, you become a certificate holder. The COI document will carry your name and contact information.

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What is an Amazon Certificate of Insurance?

With the rise in third-party-sellers, Amazon is mandating liability insurance coverage for merchants on its marketplace. As was previously mentioned, in 2021 Amazon started sending out emails to various sellers to provide an Amazon certificate of insurance.


Amazon sellers must have liability coverage and send a copy of the aws certificate of insurance to Amazon within 30 days of receiving the email. Amazon insurance requirements contain detailed information on what you, as a seller, need.


Need help with an Amazon COI? Reach us here.

Why do sellers need an Amazon Certificate of Insurance?

Business insurance offers you protection. For instance, it protects you in cases such as when someone claims you have damaged their property or caused an injury. In addition, your coverage will also protect you against financial losses incurred on websites or locations other than Amazon.


However, Amazon wants higher-earning sellers to have business insurance as it would protect them too. In essence, Amazon doesn’t want to be held liable for any lawsuits filed against them by customers. Therefore, when you buy coverage, you need to include Amazon as an additional insured on your policy.


This means if someone sues Amazon for a fault of yours, Amazon will receive protection from your insurance provider. In addition, your coverage would compensate for any expenses Amazon has to incur for lawsuits filed or any settlement awarded up to the policy limit.

Who needs liability coverage insurance?

As a seller, you needliability coverage in order to Amazon Seller Insurance requirements.



Your insurance policy must include the cover for-


  • Products liability
  • Product/completed operations
  • Bodily injury
  • Personal injury
  • Broad form property damage
  • Broad form contractual coverage


How to provide a Certificate of Insurance to Amazon?

Once the Amazon team sends you a request for a certificate of insurance or proof of liability coverage, you must upload your AWS Certificate of Insurance within 30 days of receiving the mail.


Spott will help you with the coverage and issue the certificate of insurance with the required details including what is covered, and the amount covered as well as any exclusions and parties covered in the policy. 

 If you’re having trouble uploading your COI, you can go through this easy guide which explains exactly how to upload your COI to Amazon, after which you can get back to building your business.

How does Spott help you in this process?

At Spott, we understand your insurance needs and offer best-in-class services. We are experts when it comes to eCommerce and we read the small print so sellers don’t have to. Our policies are suited to each seller and their unique needs. We make sure that they are 100% compliant with the ever changing requirements of marketplaces and platforms.


Getting insurance through Spott means not having to fill out forms and knowing that no matter what, you’re covered. Get a quote today!


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