Identify DTC Brands That Are Crushing It

charm-hummingbird-logo is the Direct-to-Consumer eCommerce Intelligence platform. We index, profile, & growth rank every DTC brand. We are a team of eCommerce experts, PHD Data Scientists, & world class engineers. We Geek out on Data Science to analyze the recent proliferation of DTC eCommerce. Millions of brands are tracked across dozens of dimensions including proprietary Growth & Success scores, platform, revenue estimate, social media following, ad spend, etc. Where do we get the data? All publicly available on the web and social networks. We’ve built a powerful scraper of thousands of robots constantly scouring anything that looks like commerce on the internet. What do we do with the data? We use a combination of natural language processing, computer vision, and algorithmic pattern recognition to understand and display the signals in an actionable format. Two core data points of Charm are the growth & success scores.

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