Better than any eCommerce Loan

Boost your Amazon store’s inventory

Never miss a sales opportunity with Inventory Boost, now you can focus on selling and less on cash flow. It’s that easy.

Start growing your business

Spott’s risk-free inventory growth service is here 

Why Spott's Inventory Boost?

Reduce business risk

Sleep well knowing you’re not carrying debt. Unlike traditional financing solutions, the payment terms for any goods we purchase are based entirely on your sales velocity.

Free up working capital

Shift the burden of paying for inventory to Spott. Stop stressing over cash flow and allocate larger budgets for customer acquisition, ad campaigns and product expansion.

Accelerate growth

Don’t let inventory slow you down. Keep pace with consumer demand, increase your sales volume and generate more profits by letting us purchase up to half of your inventory requirements.

Hit your inventory sweet Spott

Spott’s Inventory Boost is a risk-free inventory growth service for eCommerce sites that helps you earn more by selling more, without any upfront costs.

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One click integrations

Seamlessly integrate your Amazon store with Spott with just one-click.

Pay per Click

Pay as you sell

Our pay-as-you-sell policy helps you manage your cash flow, so you can be sure to keep your Amazon account live.

Here’s how it works

Spott buys up to 50% of your next inventory cycle

You’ll sell in larger quantities and lower your risk

Spott receives just a small portion of the sales

You’ll sell in larger quantities and lower your risk

Ready to increase your profits?

Spott’s risk-free inventory growth service is here 


No, the seller manages the store.

Sure, Spott funds all shipping costs as part of the inventory we purchase.

Spott’s inventory boost is risk-free.

This is not a loan so you do not need to pay us back.

No, as for not we do not fund and new product launches.

You pay as you go. Only when you sell inventory that Spott purchased.

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